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Aceite Hidráulico Xtra Rev XL5000 AW-68 Tambo 208 Litros

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Aceite Hidraulico Xtra Rev XL5000 AW-68 Tambo 208 Litros DESCRIPTION: XL-6000 AW 68 Hydraulic Oil is a premium quality antiwear hydraulic fluid designed to provide optimal protection in high pressure applications. XL-6000 AW 68 Hydraulic Oil is formulated to provide rust protection as well as foam inhibition. XL-6000 AW 68 Hydraulic Oil has excellent oxidation resistance and provides superior antiwear protection. XL-6000 AW 68 Hydraulic Oil has a dielectric strength above 35kV and is non-conductive. FEATURES/BENEFITS: • Typically 6,000 hours drain interval • Specifically designed to maximize protection to hydraulic pump and their parts • Formulated with highly refined, high viscosity index base stocks • Provide excellent demulsibility and rust protection • Antiwear additives create a protective film on metal surfaces • Helps minimize metal to metal contact that is most severe in vane and gear pumps • Minimum viscosity changes over a wide range of temperatures • Superior filterability is provided with excellent thermal and hydrolytic stability thus preventing the formation of deposits which may interfere with filtration in equipment that has close tolerances. APPLICATIONS: XL-6000 AW 68 Hydraulic Oil is recommended for hydraulic systems that have vane, piston or gear type pumps and particularly where pressures exceed 1000 psi. XL-6000 AW 68 Hydraulic Oil can also be used to lubricate lightly loaded reciprocating compressors and as general purpose shop lubricants for motors and bearings. XL-6000 AW 68 Hydraulic Oil meets all major pump manufacturers’ requirements. Meets Performance Requirements: • ASTM D6158 HL, HM, & HV • Bosch Rexroth RDE 90220 and RDE-90235 • Chinese standard GB 11118.1 L-HL & L-HM High- pressure and General • Danieli 0.000.001 Type 10 & 11 • DIN 51524 PART 1,2, & 3 • Eaton Brochure 03-401-2010 • Eaton Lubricant Specification E-FDGN-TB002-E • Fives Cincinnati P-68, P-69 & P-70 • GM LS-2 Antiwear Hydraulic Oil • ISO 11158 HL, HM, & HV • JCMAS HK P041 • Parker Denison HF-1, HF-2, & HF-0 • SAE MS1004 • SWEDISH STANDARD SS 155434:2015 • U.S. Steel 126 • ZF TE-ML 07H, ZF TE-ML 21M • Vickers M-2950 & I-286-S * ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR OWNER’S MANUAL FOR THE PROPER FLUID FOR YOUR EQUIPMENT. 

Palabra alternas: X378 Fluido, Afinacion, Transmicion, Cambios, Caja, Motor, Transmision, Lubricante, Liquido